Skerne Medical Group Greener Prescribing Statement

Greener prescribing is a cornerstone of our commitment to sustainability at Skerne Medical Group. Recognising the impact of prescribing on the environment, we pledge to adopt practices that prioritise both patient health and environmental well-being.

Our approach to greener prescribing involves considering not only the therapeutic benefits of medication, but also their environmental footprint. We do this by regularly reviewing medication, reducing polypharmacy and over-prescribing of medications such as opiates, and encouraging patient self-care where possible. We strive to promote the use of medications with lower environmental impact, such as inhalers that have reduced carbon emissions.

Furthermore, we are committed to raising awareness among healthcare professionals and patients about the environmental implications of prescribing. Through educational initiatives, we aim to empower prescribers and patients to make shared decisions about their care that aligns with sustainable practices, fostering a culture of responsibility towards the planet and our NHS for generations to come.

In tandem with greener prescribing, we advocate for the responsible disposal of pharmaceutical waste, preventing contamination of water sources and ecosystems. We encourage patients to return unused or expired medication and empty inhaler devices to their local Pharmacy so that they can be disposed of in an environmentally conscious way.

By championing greener prescribing, we seek to reduce the carbon footprint of our healthcare practices. We aim to pave the way for a more sustainable, resilient healthcare system that safeguards the health of both our patients and our planet.



Published on 27 December 2023